New Balance 247SC in Pale Pink

STYLE | New Balance 247SC in Pale Pink Review

by Sole Finess

New Balance 247SC in Pale Pink

Pretty would be an understatement to describe this pair of beauties from New Balance.

New Balance have upped their sneaker game by introducing a gorgeous pair of Pale Pink 247’s recently.

Putting the colour scheme aside, New Balance’s goal for this year is to produce shoes that are viable for work and play. Named as a tribute to the 24/7 lifestyle of modern women, New Balance is angling the new sneaker as a trusty companion for women in their everyday lives.

With a great vision for the sneaker, is the New Balance 247SC a great choice for women? Are the new shoes stylish and practical at the same time? Read up on our thoughts below about the New Balance 247SC in Pale Pink.


New Balance 247SC in Pale Pink

With a cheeky shade of pink, the colour scheme of the New Balance 247SC stands out the most when looking at it for the first time. This contrasts nicely with the New Balance logo either side of the shoes – playful.

The New Balance 247SC is a low top that uses a synthetic stretch bootie as well as a rubber outsole. The styling is very much a reminiscent of classic New Balance models in the past; the lighter REVlite midsole underfoot also provides superior comfort when wearing the shoes.

Overall, the design feels very much modern and chic. Unlike other sneakers, this shoe does well in presenting a feminine side – something that has been neglected heavily by a lot of other models.


New Balance 247SC in Pale Pink

These sneakers are wonderful.

Outfit-wise, they fit well with every piece of clothing that we tried on. The minimalist pink shade does a great job of blending with your outfits as it is not too flashy or extravagant.

These shoes offer plenty of ventilation inside. Aiding the ventilation greatly is the presence of a toe bumper which allows a lot of space for your toes to move around. When it comes to this brand, we don’t really have to talk about comfort, yeah? They are that comfortable.

New Balance have also eliminated creasing from the shoes, which is a good thing since too much creasing will affect the look of the sneaker. However, you should also expect some wear and tear the longer you wear these shoes – it’s inevitable.


New Balance 247SC in Pale Pink

When it comes to the cushioning, it’s great. We tested the New Balance 247SC extensively, running and walking around the city, and found out that the soles looked after our feet well. There were no aches or bruises after a long day of wear, thankfully.

The rubber soles are good for slippery surfaces although it does seem to wear out a little after some time on rough tracks. We don’t think that’s a flaw though, as you shouldn’t wear your sneakers on off-the-path routes!


These shoes are a great choice overall for ladies who want something that looks great and performs great.

We couldn’t find any faults, but as per usual, proper care and maintenance is key to keeping your shoes in fine condition.

Coming it at a very reasonable $119.95 AUD, the New Balance 247SC is definitely a worthy investment. Check these babies out over at Sole Finess now.

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest New Balance sneakers here.