STYLE | Adidas EQT Support RF White/Camo/Black Review

STYLE | Adidas EQT Support RF White/Camo/Black Review

by Sole Finess

Adidas EQT Support RF White/Camo/Black

Adidas has released some very fresh new sneakers over the past year but some of the classics are well worth a look at, one of them being the Adidas EQT Support RF.

Released as an homage to the 90’s running-crazy era, the EQT Support RF is one of the main stars of Adidas’ refurbishment or throwback shoes. The track runner is also one of the more popular pickups amongst sneaker enthusiast if we don’t include the NMD’s and Ultra Boosts.

While the shoes were originally released in men’s sizes only, the German giants have restocked the EQT support down to women's sizing - a welcome addition.

Our review today will cover three important things: design, comfort and performance.


Adidas EQT Support RF White/Camo/Black

The EQT Support’s design pays tribute to the track runners of the 90’s with its retro colour scheme and vintage shoe design. Adidas have decided to go for a more conservative approach with their branding by planting the three stripes on the side of the shoes to preserve the retro feel of the EQT Support.

The tongue of the shoe displays the name of the model (Equipment) in bright red which is a nice touch. There is also hints of camo on the upper which adds a subtle element to the otherwise clean EQT Support. While the design is not a game changer, we gotta give props to Adidas for successfully portraying the vintage era of running as well as designing a pair of sneakers that look great for both casual and athletic wear.


Adidas EQT Support RF White/Camo/Black

Primarily marketed as a running shoe, Adidas has gone a step further to ensure that the EQT Support is one of its more comfortable sneakers. The insides of the shoes are cushioned to avoid bruises or blisters on your feet after extended periods of physical activities.

The soles are also given extra focus to reduce the impact of the ground on your knees and joints. This means that you’ll be able to run longer without wearing out your feet as well as being able to enjoy running more.

The inside of the shoes are sock-like, so expect to have the shoes fitting snugly on your feet. The mesh lining allows for greater breathability which your feet will thank you for at the end of the day.


Adidas EQT Support RF White/Camo/Black

We did a test run of the EQT Support RF and it works well as a sports shoe. The main reason for that is the improvement of the shoe’s sole; you have this bouncy feeling that gives you a tiny boost at the beginning of each step and allows you to run more effortlessly.

Overall, the EQT Support RF functions well as a performance shoe and for casual wear too, so you can be sure that you're spending your money on something that's worth it.

Pricing: $199.95 AUD. The Adidas EQT Support RF White/Camo/Black is available now at Sole Finess.

Update: This item is sold out but you can shop our similar adidas styles here!