Adidas Gazelle Black/White

STYLE | Adidas Gazelle Black/White Review

by Sole Finess

Adidas Gazelle Black/White

The classic shoes of the 90's always seem to be more in trend than its modern releases. The Adidas Gazelle is a primary example of that statement in action.

Originally released in the summer of ‘88, the Gazelle was a hit, with many of the pairs being sold out almost instantly even when online stores were non-existent.

The black and white pair that we have for review today is a wonderful option. The shoe is so versatile that it looks great with anything that you wear - even that first date outfit you have in your wardrobe!

Today, the Gazelle is just as popular as they were before, and you’ll still see these kicks a lot particularly in fashion-conscious boroughs.


Adidas Gazelle Black/White

Adidas have kept the original look of the Gazelle for its re-release; there’s really no need for a massive change in the design of the shoe - it looks great already.

The shoes’ simple design, elegant black silhouette, and the golden Gazelle logo on the side all serves to highlight the sneaker’s evergreen qualities in the fashion scene.

The subtle branding of the Adidas logo is similar to that of the Stan Smith; there is an Adidas logo on the tongue of the shoe with another one at the heel which does not look too intrusive at all.

The white parts of the shoe contrast nicely with the black pigskin leather upper which is great if you are not a fan of maintaining your shoes constantly. Yes, you still need to clean them from time to time but dirt on a black shoe is always less visible.


Adidas Gazelle Black/White

Like other Adidas shoes, the Adidas Gazelle has an internal toe bumper which gives your feet a lot of breathing room and ventilation whilst wearing.

The material used for the sneakers’ inside is extremely polished; you’d be delighted at how well the Gazelles feel on your feet despite being in production for over 20 years. It’s comfortable, fits nicely, and doesn’t hurt your feet even if you're wearing them for quite some time.

Breaking in is something usually required for new shoes but that doesn’t seem to be an absolute need for the Gazelle. The shoes do need some time to break in but your first time wearing them is going to be just as comfortable as your 100th time wearing them.


Adidas Gazelle Black/White

There’s a bit of a bouncy feeling with each step thanks to the inner sole, which is an advantage for women who like shoes that give some support to the feet whilst walking.

The Gazelles are also very tough; you can treat these shoes however you like and it won’t wear out as easily as the newer Adidas releases. This is not a surprise as the Gazelles were once used as a football (soccer) shoe. Expect the leather upper to last 2-3 years with minimal care.


The Gazelle is still an excellent choice for a shoe despite being available on the market for a good 20 years or so, but there's a reason for that. With its evergreen design, you will guarantee yourself a shoe that looks great for any occasion down the track.

The Gazelle should not be underestimated when it comes to a shoe that performs well and looks great. It fits nicely to your feet, is super light, and more importantly super affordable.

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