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by Zaneta Vincent

Sydney based fashion blogger Rachel Tee Tyler's pure confidence and style of self expression has attracted the eyes of over 300k Instagram followers, resulting in multiple features on the likes of online publication giants, Highsnobiety.

With such an admirable sense of work ethic and determination, Rachel has forged a career out of what started out as a project of passion, proving that staying true to yourself, combined with the ability to seriously hustle, anything is possible including making your dream job become your reality, so pay attention Honeys because Rachel's insight might just give you the inspiration you need to get ahead in the game.

Rachel Tee Tyler

Tell us about how you created an image for yourself?

It happened quite organically. I began sharing my outfits on Instagram a few times a week, just for a bit of fun. To my surprise, my Instagram audience snowballed to 10,000 within the first year, receiving plenty of love for my unique style. Seeing this as an opportunity, I began creating more professional content and added my blog to the mix.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a fashion blogger?

Forging a career out of what began as simply sharing photos is insane to me, I’m so proud of where I am now and the opportunities I’ve created for myself. Being able to sustain myself on what started as a project of passion is a great feeling.

When did you know you really wanted to focus on fashion?

I guess when I received so much positive feedback for my sense of style in the early days of my Instagram.

Rachel Tee Tyler

What has been in your sneaker rotation recently?

A bright red pair of Nike Air More Uptempo 96 that my partner Makai brought me in Japan, a pair of Dover Street x Vans checkered Old Skools I’ve unlaced and am rocking as a slide, a heap of Air Max 95's (my favourite silhouette of all time) and a couple of Nike Air Max Plus Tuned.

What is it about you that makes you differentiate between other females in the industry?

I think my point of view is quite different. There’s an abundance of very similar types of accounts displaying the same style of content and rocking the same trends, products and brands. The result is incredibly aesthetically pleasing and I praise these accounts. You can see the effort in their beautifully and carefully curated feeds! But it’s also all become a bit same-same. I feel like everyone is striving for relevancy, but losing their uniqueness in trying to appeal to the masses.

I’ve always used my fashion to express myself. I’ve never been afraid of mixing opposing styles and my wardrobe is quite unisex. My use of bold colours, baggy men’s clothing, chunky out-there sneakers and clashing patterns can be polarising at times. So I guess I don’t fit in that standard “blogger” box. I’m not opposed to what is more readily accepted as “women’s fashion”, I just want to push the style boundaries for us.

Rachel Tee Tyler

Recently you attended MBFW, how does that tie in with what you do for your blog and Instagram?

I shouldn’t reveal this, but I am not necessarily a fan of attending Fashion Week. Don’t get me wrong, the shows themselves are amazing and incredibly inspiring and I am so blessed to be invited, but I feel like it’s become an event a lot of people attend to be seen, rather than to celebrate the designers and appreciate the next phase of fashion. I didn’t cover it on my Instagram or blog, just enjoyed the shows, took it all in and made mental notes for myself.

And your feature on Highsnobiety, tell us how that came about?

The first time I was published on Highsnobiety was through an Aussie photographer, Lester Jones, who works for them. They wanted to feature me alongside an interview and I was blown away. The second time was for a shoot I did with a photographer from Sweden, Simon Jung Krestesen, who submitted the photo set to Highsnobiety. They loved it and decided to publish it, too.

Can you tell us about some goals you have for yourself and your blog?

I’d love to upload more regular content onto my blog, something that I wasn’t able to do when I had a 9 to 5. As for future goals, I’m going to keep my cards close because I have a couple of big projects currently in the works so stay tuned!

Rachel Tee Tyler

You have an amazing figure, tell us what your workout routine consists of?

Thank you! Honestly, I’m on and off with my fitness routine. But when I’m dedicated, it consists of hitting the gym four to five days a week. I usually start with cardio to improve my overall fitness and then move onto strength training, incorporating heavy weights to build muscle tone and shape.

You've worked with many amazing Australian brands, what has been one of your favourites?

So many amazing Aussie brands, but my favourite has to be Frank Body! The company was co-founded by a couple of boss babes and I’m just so proud to see their growth and success. Their branding and marketing is cute, sassy, empowering and fun; I’ve loved working with them over the years.

How important do you think female influence is on the industry, and can you give us some advice for all the Honeys?

Do I even have to say this? So important! To all the women out there, do you! That’s my best piece of advice. Stay true to yourself, find your passion and hustle hard to make your dream job your reality.

Rachel Tee Tyler

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