STYLE | Vans Classic Slip-On Black/White Checker Review

STYLE | Vans Classic Slip-On Black/White Checker Review

by Sole Finess

Vans Classic Slip-On Black/White Checker

A well-known icon with skateboarders, surfers and Southern California which was where the brand was founded, Vans shoes have been a hit amongst teenagers and young adults worldwide since 1966.

The Vans Classic Slip On shoe is a twist on the original Vans canvas shoe; added with a checkerboard design and an improvement in the overall structure of the shoe. Vans took their Classic Slip On, gave it a nice update, and created a slip-on durable enough for you to wear every day of your life.

Because of its long and rich history and culture in skating, the Vans Slip On is a great option for a shoe as it never really goes out of style.

Today, we'll be reviewing the Slip On's to find out what's so good about it.


Vans Classic Slip-On Black/White Checker

To be honest, the design of Vans shoes have never been that fancy in their 50-year history. What sets them apart is their unique design that is minimal and clean.

The checkered pattern adds a bold layer which will contrast nicely with any outfit; an element that goes well with the black-and-white pattern of this shoe.

The design may seem unpractical but trust us, it's flexible enough to be worn on any occasion - a distinct quality of Vans' shoes.


Vans Classic Slip-On Black/White Checker

Vans used to have a reputation for being tough and hard; that reputation comes from the shoes being very painful on the feet after many hours of skating in its early days.

While hardcore skaters embrace the pain as tradition, we prefer shoes that are actually comfortable to wear - that's what the Vans Slip On is. The brand has added some adjustments to the shoes; the most notable addition is the elastic sides.

The shoes are light, flexible, and you're able to break them in quickly. The Vans' unique sole is made up of several layers of rubber, glued together then attached to the upper with rubber tape. 


Vans Classic Slip-On Black/White Checker

Vans shoes are usually true-to-size which means that each shoe is sized according to the US standard which is measured on a Brannock device, something that you'll see at custom shoe shops. This means that the shoes don’t fit smaller or larger than a standard shoe.

In addition, all Vans Classic shoes come in women's sizing so you don't have to worry about missing out on what the guys have. Vans is famous for their unbiased view on gender so the sizing of the shoe is the last thing that you'd need to worry about.


The brand's founder, Paul van Doren made the first Vans soles extra thick so that skaters could wear it longer. That ended up turning into the famous Waffle sole, which is a haven for skaters as they are able to literally "stick" onto their skateboards. But if you're not a skater, don't worry - the soles have an excellent grip which makes it a great choice regardless of the surface.

All in all, the Vans Slip On is an excellent shoe if you're looking for something that lasts a long time and looks unique.

Update: This item is sold out but you can shop our similar Vans styles here!