STYLE | Yeah Yeah Chloe X Sole Finess

STYLE | Yeah Yeah Chloe X Sole Finess

by Murata PJs

We first caught up with illustrator Yeah Yeah Chloe in August last year and not surprisingly, her work has been blowing up like crazy all over the place, including a collaboration with Nike on the recent Sock Racer release! So what better time than now to bring this Honey back for a Sole Finess artist collab, which incorporated desserts, sneakers and a whole lot of pink, which couldn't have represented a Yeah Yeah Chloe x Sole Finess collab more precisely.

And like always, the limited edition collab bags and stickers are yours absolutely FREE with any purchase over $99 AUD by simply entering code CHLOE at check out, plus you can download the artwork as a wallpaper for you all your digital needs right here for absolutely nothing, and make sure you read up on what Chloe's been up to, where she's been eating, and what she's been drawing these last 12 months, until next time! xo

Yeah Yeah Chloe x Sole Finess

So how has the last 12 months been treating you since we last spoke?

It has been pretty crazy and unexpected. I had my first solo show in Hong Kong at the beginning of this year and recently did some work with Nike running for the Sock Racer release… so it's been pretty wild.

And how did the Nike x Creme Shanghai project come about?

Creme got in touch with me and said they had a project coming up with Nike and asked if I would be interested… I pretty much wet myself.

Where was the idea for the artwork inspired from?

The theme of the campaign was this idea of ‘weird’ which worked really perfectly with my style.... the images then grew from that.

For someone who has never seen your work before, how would you describe it?

Clean lines, flat colours and kinda shitty drawings.

The Sole Finess collab artwork is next level though; can you tell us a bit about the design process?

Yeah I was real happy with how it turned out. It always starts with some prelim sketches and after I have a basic sketch, I digitalise it and colour it. From there it is tweaking things, adding things and getting rid of stuff until we end up with a final image everyone is happy with. The thing I love about collaborations is that they force you to push your style because your combining the visions of different people with different ideas into one image and the end result can be really surprising, in a good way.

Dream future collabs?

Well now that Nike is checked off, hmm maybe Adidas. I like the idea of working with fashion icons so… Moschino… Louis Vuitton? Hahah.

What are your 3 favourite foods to draw?

I like drawing fruits… then ice creams… and then maybe baked goods? 

What are your 3 favourite foods in real life?

Breakfast foods, Dim Sum and Soft Serve ice-cream.

Best places to eat in your neighbourhood?

There is this place called Tanto that is kinda new but they do the tastiest Japanese. Coast Restaurant is a pretty classy place with good cocktails and my mum and dads house, they make the best food.

Tell us something that not many people know about you?

I hated drawing in high school.

Any up and coming artists we should be on the look out for?

Oh so many… but at the moment I really like Adam Lister’s works. Look him up. 

Yeah Yeah Chloe x Sole Finess

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