STYLE | Wedges Vs Platforms - What’s The Difference?

STYLE | Wedges Vs Platforms - What’s The Difference?

by Sole Finess

Wedges vs Platforms, it's no wonder you're a little torn between these two styles as there are plenty of similarities between them making it a bit of a challenge to differentiate, but don’t worry; we're here to help you wrap your head around what's what.

What Are Platform Shoes?

A platform shoe is an elevated style that can appear to give you extra height, featuring a thick platform sole which can virtually be added to any type of shoe including platform sneakers, platform sneaker boots and even platform sandals.

Here at Sole Finess, we know that platform sneakers are one of your favourite styles, so you'll want to check out the Puma Fenty Cleated Creepers (pictured above), Converse Velvet One Star Platforms and Vans Old Skool Platform as a few outstanding examples of different platform sneakers that are currently available.

The walking experience in a pair of platforms may be a bit different than what you're used to with ordinary shoes. If you've never stepped into a pair of platforms before, you may want to wear them around the house and adjust to them a little before venturing out onto the streets.

What Are Wedge Shoes?

Wedges feature a triangle shaped or a wedge shaped elevated heel, with an all in one piece forming the entire sole spanning all the way from the toe to the heel. The heel can have a high wedge and be extremely elevated, or it can be a gentle sloping wedge that is not all that high.

The distinguishing characteristics of a wedge shoe is that the heel is definitely elevated higher than the toes and ball of the foot, so if you ordinarily have a hard time in traditional heels, wedges are a great alternative to consider as the solidity of the heel makes it a lot easier to walk in.

Wedges vs Platforms

To break it down, the sole on a platform is generally the same thickness in both front and back, whilst wedges has an elevated heel height, and with comfort being key, either styles can be preferable depending on what's best suited to you.

We hope this helps to clarify the differences between platforms and wedges, and now that you're up on things, you'll be better equipped to evaluate the variety of styles you encounter when you shop for new shoes online.