STYLE | Vanessa Granda AKA Nessa Noir

STYLE | Vanessa Granda AKA Nessa Noir

by Zaneta Vincent

Meet New York based Photographer Vanessa Granda - also known as Nessa Noir and ohmynessa on Instagram. Vanessa has worked with a fair few brands expanding her portfolio and CV - VSCO Film, Michael Kors, ADAY, Uber, Bandier, Bloomingdales, Oak + Fort, Aperol, Patron, Mo + Co, Method & O.P.I, just to name a few!

Vanessa’s Instagram is delightful; the one word that comes to mind could be perfection. The feed is flawless, each photograph compliments the other with insane colour palettes, contrasts and composition - everything is so aesthetically pleasing. Vanessa’s Instagram also features her underlying love for sneakers and all things art.

In this interview we got to chat with Vanessa about her favourite pairs, photography, influences, advice and also about her very own series called ‘SoilandSole’.


What would you say are three words that best describes you?

I think silly, dreamer, impulse shopper.

We love that your work features some of our favourite sneakers, do you have a current favourite pair?

The Nike USA Zoom Spiridons I just bought.

Anything on your wish list for 2016?

I've been wanting a pair of all grey Nike Presto's and a pair of all white Adidas Boost. They might be the same shoe haha, but I'm all about being comfortable so the more the better.


How were you inspired to become a photographer and how did the concept of SoilandSole evolve?

I sucked at everything else, haha. No but really, I've always been into art. It was when I started taking photos that I really felt like it was 100% me, like I wanted to stick with it.

SoilandSole evolved when I wanted to marry femininity and masculinity in a photo series.
Growing up, I Iiked both playing with makeup and fixing up cars, watching sports and reading fashion blogs, collecting sneakers and gardening. So, I took two things I love very much, footwear and plants and combined the two.


Who are some of your biggest influencers?

Photography wise, Roe Ethridge, Venetia Scott, Mert & Marcus.
Fashion wise, Jacquemus
In general, the work of architect Luis Barragán and painter Egon Schiele to name a few.

Nessa Noir

Would you give us one piece of advice that you live by?

Work hard in silence, let your success make all the noise. I'm pretty sure I found that on Tumblr. But it's pretty relevant to the way I go about my career, I make sure to work harder then what I make it seem.

Nessa Noir

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