Women’s Nike Air Huarache Ultra Black/White

STYLE | Women’s Nike Air Huarache Ultra Black/White Review

by Sole Finess

Women’s Nike Air Huarache Ultra Black/White

Nike made waves in the sneakers industry when it introduced the Huarache in 1992.

Literally “sandal” in Spanish, the new Huarache was loved by the brand’s fanbase when it first came out. The rest of the world soon followed suit; the Jordan and Air Max shoes that dominated the sneaker scene back then were quickly forgotten with the Huarache’s debut. The reception was something that not even Nike themselves saw coming.

Initial reviews critiqued the lack of breathability and the capability of the shoes in long distance runs, but the fans wouldn’t have any of it. The Huarache were the first sneakers to truly blend streetwear and athletic wear together – and it worked.

While the hype has gone down, the Huarache is still incredibly popular today with Nike releasing newer variants every year.


Women’s Nike Air Huarache Ultra Black/White

Nike’s famous Swoosh logo is not visible on the Huaraches; instead, there’s a Nike logo at the back of the shoes which is bigger and looks more elegant. The trademark Huarache saddle is still present and is made in moulded detail same as the original design and utilises the newest Flywire technology.

Think of the Flywire as bridge cables; they hold the shoes in place yet offers an amazing amount of stability and balance to the shoe.

Made up of several different materials, the new Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra sports a minimal aesthetic with its black and white colourway. Some may think that it looks monotonous, but we think that the Huarache’s design looks better on minimal colour schemes.


Women’s Nike Air Huarache Ultra Black/White

 “Have you hugged your foot today?”

The famous tagline that accompanied the Huarache in 1992 is still very much relevant today. Simply put, the Air Huarache is a joy to wear.

The shoes are incredibly light considering its bulky design and the wearer can really feel the snug fitting of the shoe - but not to the point of suffocating your feet. The toe box is wide enough and provides a bit of an extra room that your toes would love.

The material used for the sneakers’ inside is very high-quality; imagine having the most comfortable cushion in the world – now imagine that on your feet, that’s how they feel.

Breaking in is usually a necessity for new shoes but that doesn’t seem to be a requirement for the Huaraches, and there's also no issues with the ventilation of the shoes. The overall fit of the new Huaraches is beneficial to women who run and exercise a lot.


The cushioning on this one is slightly firm but comfortable. As always, there’s a certain bouncy feel with each step; that may be a good or bad thing depending on how you like your shoe’s soles to be.

The Huarache’s support mainly comes from the bridge cable-like Flywire’s that we mentioned earlier. The shoes feel much lighter and you can get away with activities like running and sprinting without damaging your shoe too much.

Women’s Nike Air Huarache Ultra Black/White


The Huarache has come a long way from the 90’s when it was first released. Thanks to its evergreen design, the shoes will look good even in 10 or 20 years from now; spending your money on this pair of sneakers is definitely a great choice.

The Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra is no slouch when it comes to performance with a shoe structure that can compete with other premium sneakers. It has a good fit, lightweight, and stylish – what more could you ask for?

The Air Huarache is now on sale at our website for just $119.95 AUD, head over now to check it out.

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest Nike sneakers here.