Reebok Classic Nylon Black/White

STYLE | Reebok Classic Nylon Black/White Review

by Sole Finess

Reebok Classic Nylon Black/White

The Reebok Classic sneaker was first released in 1983 and has been constantly in fit rotations ever since, seeing vast improvements in it's re-release.

The Reebok Classic Nylon is an example of a well-executed revamp on an old model, frankly speaking, it is one of the most basic and casual sneakers on the market today with its minimalistic design.

In our review today, we’ll be looking at the shoe as a whole to determine if its worth your money.


Reebok Classic Nylon Black/White

With a suede and nylon upper, the shoes look great and feel great which is always a nice feature in any shoe. The quality on these is very good considering the price point. The suede isn’t the most luxurious but it does have a nice texture and appearance.

The styling is very much reminiscent of the Classic Reebok models which were the craze back in the 80's and 90's; the insides of the shoe which have been improved a lot, also provides incredible comfort when wearing the shoes.

Overall, the design feels contemporary despite it being a retro release. Unlike other sneakers, this shoe is versatile enough to be worn for casual and athletic wear.


Reebok Classic Nylon Black/White

The Reebok Classic fits true to size; they also feel really comfortable on your feet. Since the design of the shoe is so simple and straightforward, Reebok hits the nail in this aspect.

The great thing about this shoe is that you can wear it all day and it will still remain comfortable. There’s also enough space in the toe box which allows your toes to move and remain in their natural position. This prevents situations where your toes may be too cramped which may lead to joint issues.

Overall, for the price that you are paying, you are getting premium quality comfort which is a steal, in our opinion.


Reebok Classic Nylon Black/White

The outsole of the Reebok Classic is made of high abrasion rubber. It sounds complicated but in layman terms, the outsoles are very durable which means that it remains efficient even after a long period of time.

The most important thing to note about the outsoles is that it provides excellent traction which makes it an excellent choice for running in unfavourable weather conditions.

When it comes to the cushioning, the EVA midsole is responsive and springy and it doesn’t limit the natural movement of your feet. It also stops the foot from getting affected by the ground as it absorbs the impact forces well. You’re going to have less foot aches and ankle aches thanks to the midsole.

The rubber soles, although strong, are not indestructible. Expect some wear and tear after 2-3 years which is still a very long time considering.


Pricing: $89.95 AUD. The Reebok Classic Nylon Black/White is available now at Sole Finess.

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