Nike Sock Dart BR Black/White

STYLE | Nike Sock Dart BR Black/White Review

by Sole Finess

Nike Sock Dart BR Black/White

Nike has always been renovating older designs of their shoes every year as part of their shoe releases.

The Sock Dart, however, is slightly different than the others. Released in 2004, the shoes were heavily undersold compared to other releases which saw its production stop until 2015.

With its re-release, the Sock Dart received a major design overhaul and it has been one of the more sought-after Nike shoes on the market right now thanks to its unique design and structure.

Are the shoes good enough for casual and athletic wear? Find out more as we cover the Nike Sock Dart in today’s review.


Nike Sock Dart BR Black/White

Moving away from the traditional lace structure, the Sock Darts laceless design was the brainchild of Japanese designer, Hiroshi Fujiwara.

While the lack of laces may be confusing at first, it was added to improve running performance. You’ll also notice that the shoe is primarily made of mesh allowing for maximum ventilation, which means that your feet are going to feel cool all day even if you are doing intense activities for an extended period of time.

Nike moved away from their traditional design even further by adopting a minimal silhouette and putting a tiny Swoosh logo on the side. We think that its a great move as some shoes are just too flashy to wear, really. The Sock Darts are simple and they look good.


Nike Sock Dart BR Black/White

Comfort-wise, the shoes have got it spot-on with a cushioned insole which feels great on your feet. It fits well to your feet and thanks to the improved ventilation, you won’t feel trapped.

Talking about fit, the Sock Dart have been known to run small, so make sure to go half to one size down. This means that if you are women's US6, you should go for a women's US7 instead. These shoes only come in full sizes though, so you’ll have to decide if you want your shoes tighter or looser if you are a half-size (6.5, 7.5, etc.)

The soles also do a good job of providing balance and support. It feels like you are stepping on foam but not to the point where it feels strange. This is great if you are a fan of long walks or jogs as your feet won’t feel too much pain at the end of the day.

Our recommendation for this shoe: Get your regular Nike Sock Dart size, or go a size up as the Sock Dart runs a tad small and you don’t want to crowd your feet too much as it can get very uncomfortable.


Nike Sock Dart BR Black/White

The Sock Darts were marketed as running shoes, so you’ll be able to take part in physical activities with these sneakers.

The cushioned sole that we mentioned earlier is going to help a lot with your performance and posture. This means that the soles will reduce the impact on your knees and ankles when running as well as giving you a slight boost on each step - like a trampoline.

However, the Sock Darts are not really that great for very intense activities. If you are going for hikes or through rough trails, for example, this shoe is not the best as the soles are not designed to handle extreme activities.


Pricing: $209.95 AUD available now at Sole Finess.

The Nike Sock Dart is a great casual shoe with a decent ability to take on physical activities. It looks great, and it feels great, with a minimalistic look.

If you want a no-nonsense shoe, the Sock Dart is a great choice. 

Nike Sock Dart BR Black/White

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