New Balance 247 Pale Pink

STYLE | Good Gym Shoes For Women In 2017

by Sole Finess

Hitting the gym lately with your friends?

If you are, great! Staying healthy is definitely one of the things that you should already be doing in 2017!

A huge part of the gym culture is gym apparel with shoes being one of the more important parts.

In our list today, we’ve covered of the best shoes for women to wear in the gym (and any physical activities, really).

We take in these factors for today’s review:

Comfort - Comfort is our number one factor for choosing these gym shoes. The last thing that you’d want after a long day at the gym is sore feet - we don’t want that! Having comfortable shoes would also benefit your form at the gym.

Balance and structure - We also chose the shoes based on the shoe’s structure and design. Having a shoe that is poorly designed may lead to decreased performance due to posture and balance issues. Safety is a priority at the gym and we want to make sure that your shoes support you as much as possible.

Looks - Of course, we’ll also look at the overall aesthetics of the shoe although this is the least important out of the three factors. We have chosen shoes that will look good in any type of workouts that you’ll do in the gyms.

Old Skool Canvas Black/Light Gum

vans old skool

You’d be surprised at why the Vans shoe is so high on the list.

Canvas shoes have been the preferred choice of shoes among weightlifters (men and women) simply because they are durable and have a very strong grip.

The gumsole version of the Old Skool Canvas ups the grip game even further; you’ll be able to walk on slippery surfaces without the fear of falling down as they really have that strong of a grip.

Unfortunately, Vans do not really focus a lot on the ventilation of their shoes. You’ll notice a lack of perforation in the shoes which means that your feet will get sweaty after intense activities. Some enjoy the feeling of sweating it out but if you are not a fan, make sure that your socks are absorbent enough.

The Old Skool Canvas is more suited for weightlifting workouts; they don’t really work that well on treadmills but if you want an all-around shoe that performs well, you can’t go wrong with this shoe.

Pricing: $119.95 AUD. The Old Skool Canvas Black/Light Gum is available now at Sole Finess.

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest Vans sneakers here.

Reebok Classic Leather White/Gum

The Reebok Classic Leather is a great choice for athletics thanks to its gum soles.

What sets this shoe apart from the Vans is that it's very, very important attention to ventilation and breathability.

The perforated holes around the shoe is going to give your feet some space to breathe. The insides of the Reebok’s are comfortable; imagine laying your feet on a firm pillow - that’s how it feels.

Once again, the structure and overall balance of this shoe makes it a top pick for our list. It’s a great option for lifting weights and activities like skip rope. The design is also just nice; nothing too fancy and presents a good balance of practicality and aesthetics.

Pricing: $119.95 AUD. The Reebok Classic Leather White/Gum is available now at Sole Finess.

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest Reebok sneakers here.

New Balance 247SC Pale Pink

new balance 247sc pale pink

These New Balance shoes have been one of our favourites with its versatility and chic design.

The 247SC’s biggest attraction is its comfortable fitting - a common characteristic in many New Balance Shoes.

New Balance’s trademarked soles provide a cushioning that will help you reduce the impact on your knees and feet in activities like running on the treadmill. Your feet will feel great even after a day of activities thanks to the cushioning.

Just like the Reebok Classics, New Balance has put a greater emphasis on the ventilation of the shoes with its fully perforated front. The design cools your feet in warm and humid conditions - like the gym.

Pricing: $119.95 AUD. The New Balance 247SC Pale Pink is available now at Sole Finess.

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest New Balance sneakers here.

Adidas Stan Smith White/Easy Blue

Durable, stable, and with a strong grip to boot, the Stan Smith’s boasts better ventilation than the Vans and Reeboks. While we can go on and on about the breathability of the shoes, the real star of the Stan Smith is its comfort - it feels great!

The inner lining of the shoe, which was revamped with its re-release, is smooth and feels great when you try it on for the first time.

Despite some initial criticism from sneaker fans, the insides of the shoes feel the best among other Adidas shoes (except the Ultra Boosts and NMDs, of course.)

Aesthetics wise, we love its minimalistic look. It works well with physical activities which is not a surprise as the shoes were originally designed for tennis.

Pricing: $129.95 AUD. The Stan Smith White/Easy Blue is available now at Sole Finess.

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest Adidas sneakers here.

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