STYLE | 4 Best Everyday Sneakers For Women In 2017

STYLE | 4 Best Everyday Sneakers For Women In 2017

by Sole Finess

Is this you?

3 months ago

“Damn!! look at these AMAZING sneakers I just copped!”


“My feet hurts… and I HATE THESE SHOES.”

Even if that’s not you, let’s be honest;

You probably have some sneakers that have not seen the light of day since Selena Gomez was still in Disney and Edward Cullen was your celebrity crush.

In our post, we’ll be looking at the best everyday sneakers for you regardless of your outfit and the occasion.

What are the criterias for our list?


Hell yes. We’ll only choose sneakers that your feet will thank you for even after wearing them for long periods of time.

Will it look good?

Well, the most comfortable things don’t always look the best….

But when it comes to sneakers, we think that's easy so we'll cover only visually appealing styles.

Is it expensive?!


If you’re gonna wear it every day, you can be pretty sure that we’ll choose sneakers that are going to be worth every dime.

Let’s get on with the list!

1) Adidas EQT Support ADV Ice Purple/White

Adidas EQT Support ADV Ice Purple/White

First up in our list is the revamped EQT line by the German manufacturers Adidas.

Sporting a unique colourway with the shoe straps cleverly designed to show the brand’s famous Three Stripes, this shoe is a great choice for everyday wear.

Comfort: Great. If you’ve seen the newer Adidas shoe lines then you’ll know that the insides of each shoe is specially made for maximum comfort.

It’s like having fluffy cushions all around your feet even if you have wide feet. The cushioned sole means that walking in these shoes are a great way to spoil yourself - they are so comfortable.

Adidas EQT Support ADV Ice Purple/White

Style: Looks a little bulky if you compare it to other Adidas shoes but the colours are great.

It has a clean and minimalistic look to it which is one of the biggest fashion trends as of today.

If you are an Adidas fan, the shoe does well at portraying the brand’s famous design even without the traditional three-stripes logo at the side.

Price: $209.95 AUD

But, you said it was cheap?!

Yes, that’s right. The shoe is slightly pricier but the EQT Support can last for 2-3 years minimum easily with proper care.

You’re essentially paying less than $0.20 a day for the most comfortable shoes you’ll have in your life; isn’t that great?

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest Adidas sneakers here.


2) New Balance WRL247FB White (or any New Balance sneaker, really)

New Balance WRL247FB

Coming in with a sleek white design, the New Balance 247’s have been amazing in terms of offering comfort and style.

The brand as a whole has elevated from being seen as juniors to mammoths like Nike and Adidas to actual competitors in the sneakers industry.

Comfort: The reason why we said all New Balance shoes in the title is because of one reason: they are all crazy comfortable.

With cushioned soles and insides, you’ll feel as if you’re walking on air with this pair of shoes.

New Balance WRL247FB

Style: Timeless. You can’t go wrong with an all-white shoe and New Balance does that well.

The trademark “N” is subtle while the shoe itself has some nice retro touches to it.

This shoe will look good for casual wear and active wear - great for people who don’t like to have separate shoes for different occasions.

Price: $119.95 AUD

A great price for a pair of excellent shoes. New Balance shoes are quite sturdy and you can expect an excellent long-term value in the 247’s, saving you more money in the long run.

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest New Balance sneakers here.


3) Vans Old Skool Canvas Black/Gum

The classic Vans' Old Skool has been one of the best sneakers for everyday wear for more than 50 years.

The shoe has been a favourite of celebrities and personalities in the streetwear industry.

Comfort: If you have worn the Old Skool's before, you will know that once worn in, the comfort level is so good that you won't want to take them off.

Vans have done a great job by updating the insides of the shoe to make it more easy on the feet which were originally designed for the skateboarding community.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about it being rock hard at the soles and hot at the end of the day.

Style: The Old Skool goes with absolutely everything, you get the best of both worlds in terms of ruggedness and fashion.

You’ve seen people like Kylie Jenner pull off Vans, so the shoe is very, very versatile. Outfit-wise, no problem; match it with anything and the results will turn out great.

Price: $119.95 AUD

The average entry-level sneaker price, absolute comfort and style does not come any cheaper than this.

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest Vans sneakers here.


4) Nike Air Max Thea Ultra SE Black

Nike Air Max Thea

Talk about everyday wear and you’ve got to include the Nike Air Max.

The Air Max has been incredibly popular year after year for a reason; they look great and feel great.

Just this year, there are already more than 5 Air Max variants released by Nike which sold out instantly - convinced enough?

Comfort: Simply put, if you had to choose one shoe to wear for the rest of your life, it would be the Air Max.

Not only do the insides of the shoe feel great, the design and flexibility of the shoe allow for a comfortable fit even if you have wide or narrow feet.

The shoe is also light-weight which makes it great for running and casual wear for extended periods of time.

Nike Air Max Thea

Style: We have the Air Max Thea Ultra SE Black variant on display in this post but with Nike releasing new models every year, it’s easy to find a colourway that you like.

The black Air Max Thea Ultra SE is great for any outfit; you get the benefit of a simple black design to compliment your outfit as well as having the subtle elegance and classiness of Nike’s designs.

Price: $209.95 AUD

Once again, you’re spending less than $0.20 or $6 per month for a pair of shoes that look good and feel great.

Prices may vary between retailers but we have this shoe on offer right now at Sole Finess.

UPDATE: This product is out of stock, but you can find the latest Nike sneakers here.

So that's our list! There are plenty of nice sneakers out there but we believe that these 4 are the best in terms of style, comfort and value. To read more posts like these, please head over to our blog, and we're also having a massive sale on the latest seasonal styles too so don't miss out!