Flex Mami For The Honeys Sole Finess

MUSIC | For The Honeys Vol.4 Mix By Flex Mami

by Sole Finess

If you ain't up on things, Flex Mami also known as Lil, is a Sydney based DJ, Writer and Presenter with some of the most impeccable style and grace we've seen to date. And when not hyping up the dance floor at some of the most vibin parties or presenting radio show SideChains, you might find her creating fire content over at Acclaim and Life Without Andy, or just chilling down at beautiful La Perouse beach.

We are absolutely honored to have Flex Mami curate the latest For The Honeys mix featuring a blend of tracks revolving around love, unrequited love and break ups to make up by some of your most beloved artists, and we're not even gonna try to stop you from immediately adding this to your favourites so go on, you can even get to know more about the Honey below whilst you listen.

Flex Mami For The Honeys Sole Finess

If you were a sneaker which one could you most relate to?
Reebok InstaPump Fury Grinch without a doubt. It’s grand, obnoxious, well-crafted, combines colours sensationally and is rare. The synergies are endless.

So how many pairs do you own?
Post sneaker cull (as I’ve found love in mules), probably four. InstaPumps are my vice.

Would you say Solange is one of your icons?
Not at all. I don’t have style icons. I’ve been known to reference my own Instagram for inspiration. She’s definitely a lifestyle and career aspiration though.

If you could spend a day with her what would you get up to?
Start with an early morning deep discussion on the societal expectations of WoC, followed by daily gratitude and manifesting. We’d share a scone and perhaps a freshly squeezed juice. She’d take my picture for the ‘gram and I’d do the same. We’d shop, write, might even do a B2B DJ set for fun – then we’d obviously meet her husband Alan for lunch. Finesse on the entire world. Eat everything. Shop everywhere. Indulge and live.

What’s the strangest request you’ve had whilst DJing?
A request to play Drake while I was playing Drake.

Are you guilty of ever being the requestor?
Definitely during my EDM thot days, haha.

If you were stranded on a desert island what three beauty products would you hope you had with you?
Lip balm, lotion and hair oil. This body needs hydration on the inside and out.

And if there were only three tracks on your iPod?
GoldLink – Meditation
Nick Carter Green – Wildfire
Daniel Caesar – Get You

What’s your favourite slow jam?
Jhene Aiko – My Mine

What’s your favourite hype track?
Mann feat. 50 Cent – Buzzin’

Ultimate karaoke song?
Oh, I don’t think I’ve EVER done karaoke. Something within me tells me I’m not a good candidate. I’m competitive and not a fantastic singer so I wouldn’t excel. She only plays to win.

Where’s the best place in Sydney to:
Eat: Papi Chulo in Manly
Drink: Hudson Ballroom, order the FlexMami, it’s Coke, Lime, Strawberry, Passionfruit.
Chill: My house, no doubt. If not, the La Perouse beach somewhere. It’s pretty.

Flex Mami For The Honeys Sole Finess

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