by Sole Finess

NayNay is an eclectic, energetic music fan and DJ who uses her energy and music to empower those around her. Her African heritage and growing up in such a household, has given her the chance to listen to many influential artists that have helped pave the way, with roots in Reggae, AfroPop, R&B, Hip Hop, AfroBeat and House.

This spectrum of musical influence has been the driving force of her musical journey. “I love empowering the women that surround me, because in doing so you create a kingdom, an army that is unbreakable and unstoppable and that excites me".

For The Honeys Volume 17 Mix By NayNay brings mega AfroHouse mood, taking you on a much needed exploration beyond that 5km zone (especially if you're in Melbourne!) so have a listen and a read, and we hope that we can catch you IRL again very soon.

NAYNAY | For The Honeys Volume 17 | MUSIC
Could you please tell us how DJing came about for you? Were there any fundamental experiences or interests that helped along the way?

Funnily enough DJing started of as a dream for me and then I woke up and searched up DJing competitions. From there I entered this competition called YourShot. It was a wild experience but from there, it gave me confidence to play. Once done, I then got to know other female DJs and just got motivated to continue. It became therapeutic after a while. I never intended on staying in it for this long but it grew on me, and people admired me, which motivated me even more.

What’s behind the mood for FTH.Vol 17?

With this one I was able to translate how I’m currently feeling about this whole pandemic. It’s so hard to find motivation right now but I’ve found that with this genre of music; AfroHouse, I was able to. With the pandemic happening and not being able to currently go 5km from your own place, making this mix allowed me to be free and forget about the current problems of the world. It’s a nice little escape to be honest, it’s nice. 

How have you been spending your time during lockdown?

Man, fortunately I have been able to go to work which has been good. It’s been busier than ever but I’m happy to still be working, but I’m definitely keen for a long ass break. I’ve also tried keeping zen especially now as things are just too negative. Definitely trying not to let the social media influence my thought and emotions.

NAYNAY | For The Honeys Volume 17 | MUSIC
Is there anything you’ve truly missed?

I miss going out, I miss playing for everyone, I miss bottomless brunches, I miss hugging, I miss all the positive energy that was around me, I miss my friends... I literally miss all things good. I’m happy it’s mango season though, I’ve truly missed mangoes too.

If you could use three words to describe your style, what would they be?

Depends on my mood. I know that when I go out I like to wear tight, show legs but has to be a bright colour, I never used to like wearing black but I’ve come to embrace now. But it definitely changes each year.

Have you been swooning over any sneaker releases this year?

I’ve never really been a sneaker girl, until this year actually.

At this stage, everyone is probably very ready for 2021, are you feeling the same? Is there anything on the cards that you can share with us?

Look 2020 did us all dirty, so I’m going to tread my toes very lightly with 2021. I don’t want to hype 2021 too much cause it could be the same as this year because of the pandemic but I just hope restrictions ease more and that I can get to see all my people. One thing I really miss is human interaction, so as long as I can see my friends, I will be content no matter what 2021 brings.

Favourite spots in Melbourne to:

Shop: Cotton On, Savers, and any funky looking shop that has my attention really.

Eat: I love to brunch, so any cute places. I’m always at Little Henry’s though.

Chill: There are so many bars but I do love to chill at section 8.

Party: Section 8, Sriracha, Cherry Bar etc… my music taste is so eclectic so I can vibe to almost anything.

NAYNAY | For The Honeys Volume 17 | MUSIC