MUSIC | For The Honeys Vol.13 Mix By Lotus Moonchild

MUSIC | For The Honeys Vol.13 Mix By Lotus Moonchild

by Sole Finess

If you consider yourself a Melbourne local, then you would have no doubt caught Lotus Moonchild, also known as Amiee, playing a set at institutional faves Revolver and Section 8 or supporting the likes of Tokimonsta, Madam X, Troyboi, Soulection's Joe Kay, well the list could really go on here!

Also part of legendary The Operatives family, the DJ and producer has been busy releasing her own tracks and working on her yet to be released EP, but still has time to bless us with the Summer edition of For The Honeys Volume 13.

We catch up with Amiee for a chat and a hang while she basically summons neighbourhood cats with her super cat woman powers. Witness this magic below while listening to FTH Vol.13.

Amiee wears the Nike P-6000 White from Sole Finess.

For those who don’t know, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a Melbourne based DJ, Producer and cat meme generator.

Growing up, what artists were you heavily influenced by?

Golden era Hip Hop was my gateway into good music. Madlib, J Dilla, Gangstarr, Roots Manuva etc. led me into Trip Hop and then into the beautiful land of Electronic music.

You’ve been DJing for some time now, could you please tell us how it all started? 

I always wanted to be a producer actually, I started collecting samples when I was 12 and was completely obsessed with it. DJing came by surprise. I bought turntables on a whim when I was in Adelaide, sold them to help fund the move to Melbourne and then when I was here, immediately started saving to get them back. The passion was evidently pretty real. I started Djing at venues for free just to be able to have a mix and then my professional career grew from there.

How did you get involved with legendary Melbourne crew; The Operatives? 

Jerry (JPS/Ops Head) heard me play a few times and started booking me for shows. I did support for his NLV, Ekali and Tokimonsta shows and after that he asked me to join. I cried, in true me fashion, and said yes.

Did the progression from DJing to producing come pretty naturally?

It really did. Production was always the initial aim but now especially DJing full time, my entire life is based around music. Production fits in so easily.

Who are some producers you admire?

Locally we have some incredible producers. Amin Payne has long been a favourite, Beatrice is incredible and a huge inspiration of mine and Swerv is my hot tip on the one to watch in 2020. Globally I love Om Unit, Tokimonsta and Burial on the Electronic tip and Murder He Wrote and Higgo are current faves in the UK Garage space.

So what was behind your inspiration for FTH VOL.13?


And this Summer, where will we find you?

I’ll be throwing free parties at Section 8 over Summer called Gully. They are inspired by the Grime and Garage music scenes in the UK and are a tonne of fun. Monthly you can find me at Revolver playing a club set for The Late Show. My shows rotate a lot between dinner, bar and club environments, I post regularly on my social media so best to follow me there for the weekly plug.

Lastly can you please tell us your favourite spots in Melbourne to:

Shop: Sole Finess

Eat: Neko Neko in Collingwood. The vegan Ramen is levels

Chill: Fitzroy Pools

Party: Section 8