MUSIC | For The Honeys Vol.11 Mix By Teriyaki Mami

MUSIC | For The Honeys Vol.11 Mix By Teriyaki Mami

by Sole Finess

Yes it really has been a minute since we last treated you to a mix, so here we are, for the very first installation of the For The Honeys for 2019, linking up with Teriyaki Mami also known as Asia Cariño.
Born in the Philippines, growing up in Newcastle and now residing in Sydney, the DJ and stylist gives us an a insight into her home, her sneaker collection, her adorable cat Macgyver and of course the new For The Honeys Volume 11.

Asia wear the New Balance W990GL4 Grey from Sole Finess
Photography: Sly Morikawa

Teriyaki Mami For The Honeys
How did you get into styling? Was this something that was always of interest?
I’ve always been fascinated with fashion at young age. Having come from Philippines, I was exposed to a lot of pageants which is a massive part of our culture and I think that’s where my love for clothes first started. I remember I’d put on makeshift pageants with my cousins and pop on matching outfits, then force the rest of our family to watch, lmao.

A few years ago, I started modelling in some lowkey shoots, then a friend actually suggested I style our next project, and that’s how it all started. I’ve always enjoyed the process of dressing, so styling other people felt very natural to me. My friend Chris Loutfy actually encouraged me to pursue it, and if he hadn’t said anything I probably wouldn’t have taken it seriously.

Did DJing come quite naturally? How did you learn to begin with?
A friend of mine kindly gave me their controller, and that really helped get this thing going. I got a couple of startup lessons off some other friends and I just practiced in my room for hours and hours. Everyone has different ways of teaching and mixing, so just when I felt like I was starting to understand it I’d realise there was so much more and I’d feel like I was back where I started. I’ve still got a lot to learn and I’m picking it up as I go, but I really enjoy playing so I try not to let other things suck the fun out of it!
Teriyaki Mami For The Honeys

What was your inspiration for the new ‘For The Honeys’ mix?
I love heavier music in general, and I listen to a lot of female rappers, but don’t usually get to play those kind of sets, so I wanted to put together a mix with artists that I love and show people what kind of music I’d play essentially.

And when it comes to music, who are some of your biggest influences?
Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B - my holy trinity.

So we know you love your sneakers, what types of trends do you hope to see for 2019?
Ethical and sustainable sportswear. I’m also huge on dad shoes, keep them coming.
Teriyaki Mami For The Honeys

What sneaker trend can go away?
Wearing shoes with the back folded. Stupid.

What sneaker can you not stop wearing?
Ultramarine Air Max 180s! So trashed but I love them. If anyone sees a men’s 7 lying around, hit me cause I need a re-up.

Wether it be styling or DJing, would you have any advice that you could pass on to someone wanting to work in a creative industry?
• Be proactive and show initiative. Don’t sit around wait for opportunities to come up, find them.
• Don’t be afraid to ask! Most people are kind enough to help, and you never know what they might bring to the table.
• Be authentic and stay true to yourself. You might not be for everybody, but there’s always a place for you. 

Can you please tell us your favourite spots in Sydney is to:
Shop: I buy most of my clothes and shoes online, but Above The Clouds and The Stitch Up are cool. 
Eat: El Jannah, 678 Korean BBQ, Honey Persian, Jasmine1, or Ichiban Boshi, then finish off with a pearl milk tea from Coco - half ice, normal sugar.
Chill: My bed.
Party: Settings°. Plenty of Travis Scott and I’m about it.
Teriyaki Mami For The Honeys