MUSIC | For The Honeys Vol.10 Mix By MAI

MUSIC | For The Honeys Vol.10 Mix By MAI

by Sole Finess

For our latest edition of For The Honeys Volume 10, we bring to you the creative DJ duo, blending elements of music through fashion, art, activism and culture; Dijok and Teejae Mai, when linked together, make up the collective MAI.

South Sudanese sisters born in Kenya and raised in Australia, Dijok and Teejae are two passionate women who are pioneering a fresh sound, and we were lucky enough to have them in the new Sole Finess store for a little bit of sneaker shopping and a chat, so come join us below and add For The Honeys Volume 10 to your favourites now!

Dijok wears the adidas Falcon Raw Grey/Light Pink
Teejae wears the adidas Falcon Orchid Tint/Silver


What was the inspiration when it came to putting the track list together for 'For The Honeys Volume 10'?

Our eyes and ears have been in the UK lately, with artists like Lady Leshurr, RAYE, Ray Blk, Stefflon Don,  Mina and Not3s blessing our ears with dope tunes.

The body of work in this mix is just fun, groovy and songs all the Honeys be getting ready to. 

Do you find that you both have similar interests and ideas when it comes down to music?

We believe that we have different ideas and interests in music, as we both have different journeys. This is actually a great thing because we compliment each other's tastes, there's always a pretty awesome cross over. 

We can get creative with our individual ideas and meld different elements of different genres together; from a heavy UK afro swing to a catchy afro beat remix of a hot Pop song, it all just works.

In our sets you'd hear a vast variety of genres ranging from, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Grime, with House notions. This is what keeps any body of work interesting and fun. We also have a great opportunity to reach all types of people and tastes. 

Would you say that about other aspects of your lives also?!

We are pretty much always on the same wavelength, we find that we help each other execute an idea or concept in other aspects of our lives.

Always challenging one another in the decisions we make.

What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to working collaboratively?


Iron sharpens iron, the energy and vibe we create collaboratively is so powerful.

We can both co-create ideas concepts and bring fresh perspectives. 

Being able to give each other constructive feedback about anything really, be it music related or not, this helps us both grow.

We both have entrepreneurial spirits which is so instrumental in going to new heights together and breaking barriers. 


Being two individuals, we obviously have our own lives separately, 

Uni, work, even socially, we believe we need to work on finding a balance and allocating realistic and critical time in our brand collectively. 

In your processes of experimentation, how do you know you’ve hit on a great idea that’s worth seeing through? 

Basically, we know what we want, we understand what works for us and what doesn’t, through trial and error and experience.

We always make it a priority to discern ideas, music, and modelling opportunities, and really ask ourselves if it will complement our brand or not, this helps us with going forward.

One knows something is a great idea when it excites you and your gut is happy with it, all you can do is propel towards it and manifest it with everything you’ve got.

Is it difficult sometimes working together, or you wouldn’t have it any other way?!

Of course it gets difficult working together, we both have different tastes and ideas sometimes, although this is a great thing, it can also be difficult as these ideas might clash.

It's inevitable for difficult situations to occur, but part of being in a team is learning how to discern situations and finding ways to overcome hiccups.

It's healthy to be challenged as this helps us become stronger together, giving us an opportunity to learn more about each other and ourselves.

Who’s an upcoming talent we may not have heard of yet, but we should absolutely be keeping an eye on?

It’s really hard just picking one so we’ve picked our top two in no particular order.

Sampa The Great: SAMPA! We could write a book about what an incredible artist she is. Everything about her is stellar. She is artistic, poetic and above all empowering!

Octavian: At only 21 years old he’s taken over the UK music scene and blessed the world with his unique flow and seamless ability to meld genres, creating his own very distinct sound. His musical style reminds us a lot of us! We love to meld elements of different genres together to create a new experience for everyone! Be sure to check out his new album – “SPACEMAN”. You’re in for a treat.  

When it comes down to style and sneakers, what are you into at the moment and what grabs your eye most immediately?

Teejae: When it comes to sneakers, a banging colourway and a unique silhouette catches my eye, I'm absolutely in love with Pharrell's Human Race collection, first drop in the yellow, and legit everything Fenty x Puma!

Dijok: Im not much of a sneaker head but I do have style!

When it comes to style and sneakers, I’m all about texture and vibrant colours all in a monochromatic palette. Those who know me, will know how much love matching colours and patterns from head to toe including my makeup.

Even though it’s been a while, I’m still obsessed with the adidas Pharrell William Superstar Supercolour drop. With 50 unique colours it’s literally heaven for me. I particularly love the colours ‘Red’, ‘St. Nomad Orange’ and ‘Tribe Yellow’. I thought this range was definitely worth mentioning as it represents something I’m so passionate about. – Diversity.

Lastly, can you please tell us your favourite spots to...


Shop: I can't remember the last time I went shopping, I don't really like shopping. maybe because I suck at it. It stresses me out.

Chill: You'll most likely find me chilling eating mac & cheese on tots at Two Wrongs on Chapel street. 

Party: Sriracha at the Croft Institute. 


Shop: This is a tough question for me as I absolutely LOVE shopping and styling myself. I haven’t bought from this shop yet but I’m loving TLZ l’FEMME from the USA. She has some amazing patterns and plays around with some sophisticated fabrics and some amazing colours and prints. This brand is EXTRA and that’s just the way I like it.

Chill: I’m a huge Brunch person! My current favourite spots are House Of Lulu White and Torpe Cafe.

Party: Sriracha, Tresillo and Re-Up (RIP)  

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