Xanetia x Sole Finess Nike AF1

FINESS HONEYS | Xanetia Unnarae

by Murata PJs

A self made Honey hailing from Brisbane, Xanetia is a marketing, styling, and creative direction pro, with a whole lot more under her belt than most, especially for someone who has only just turned 20, so we've linked up with Xanetia to put a lil finess on our Nike Air Force 1 Low's, and you know babygirl brings her game.

Xanetia x Sole Finess Nike AF1

So can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Xanetia Unnarae (pronounced Za-neesha). I’m half Samoan, half Australian. I’ve grown up with family businesses all around me, so I quickly trained my brain to think business. If I could do what I love and make a living from it then I’ve hit the lotto right? So that’s what I do. Whether it be social media marketing, styling, photography, creative direction etc. Working for yourself and weeks without a paycheque can be stressful but it’s all a part of the journey and totally worth it in the end!

Self employment indeed has it's challenges, which part was your first focus and how did it come about?
I did a bit of modelling as a kid which led me to photography. I've always been fascinated with lighting, angles and all other aspects of being behind the camera. 
My focus for it came about when I was around 13 yrs old, I used to hang with a lot of older kids who'd invite me out to parties, but I was never allowed to go. So I pitched my event photography services to my parents and sure enough I was the young kid shooting at all the 18th and 21st birthdays earning a couple hundred every other weekend!
Love your hustle! And can you tell us more about XUKA?

XUKA is a name I made up with my sister and I's first names. It's definitely something I want to build up in the near future. For now XUKA is how you can raid my lightly worn wardrobe.

Xanetia x Sole Finess Nike AF1
Where would you say most of your style inspiration comes from?

90's and early 2000's music videos. As a kid I would wake up super early on a Saturday morning to catch the music program 'RAGE', where I would find new music and be in awe of the styling.

Such a great era for music videos, so which ones really captured your attention?

Missy Elliot's Get ur freak on, Destiny's Child always had dope fits in their clips and I've always seen Gwen Stefani as a baddie!

When it comes to the collaborative side of your work, have you found that everyone is pretty supportive and are down to get involved?

Not everyone is going to support what you're doing and I'd never expect people to. These are personal goals and dreams, if you wait around for everyones support to make your move, you'll lose out. I'm selective with who I work with, we have to vibe and share good energy. But once you find your circle/people to vibe with... it's amazing, everyone's super hyped and down for anything!

Were there any projects which have been the highlight for you?

I'm very blessed to have been given the opportunities that I have. Highlights would be any project that allows me to involve my friends, or working with other creatives!

And have you had any major challenges to get to where you're at today?

It's all about perspective, most challenges are a blessing in disguise or a guide onto a better path. There's been a lot of challenges, nothing has come easy. I'm thankful to be so young, to have made mistakes, learnt from them and have continued to go after everything I want to achieve in life. No matter how many times you get knocked down, get back up and trust the process.

Tell us your beauty secrets; top 3 products?

Water, drink as much as possible!

Dr Bronner's Hemp Tea Tree Soap

Nivea Express Hydration Lotion

Xanetia x Sole Finess Nike AF1

Top 3 make up products?

Nars Tinted Moisturiser

Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Powder

Mac Lip Conditioner

What's been on high rotation on your playlist?

I've been listening to Drake and Future, the older stuff. It keeps me focused haha

And where could we you catch you on the weekends?

I try to get outdoors as much as possible but being winter here in Aus... I dislike the cold so I'd be in bed super cozy!

Xanetia x Sole Finess Nike AF1

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