FINESS HONEYS | TOP GIRL : Jade Zoe & Sally Lam

FINESS HONEYS | TOP GIRL : Jade Zoe & Sally Lam

by Murata PJs

Creators of Grime, Garage and Dancehall flavoured club night TOP GIRL, Melbourne based DJ's and some of the finest on the scene, Sally Lam and Jade Zoe have been busy turning up your favourite parties locally and nationally, with the latest TOP GIRL takeover instalment at long time Melbourne monthly Hip-Hop institution REUP CLUB.

But if you were having fun elsewhere and missed their legendary back to back set, you can find out exactly what these Honeys have been up to as we catch up with Sal and Jade, who help us showcase the latest adidas Climacool and Converse One Star sneakers paired with cute AF  in a future-esque kawaii styled shoot!

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So how did you Honeys first meet?

SAL: I can’t exactly remember! It would’ve most likely been at an event, however I do recall accidentally adding Jade on Facebook when she was living in London. It ended up being a good networking move I guess!

JADE: RT what Sal said. I can't remember either! Definitely internet friends first and now we are basically family! 

And how did Top Girl eventuate from that?

SAL: A friend of ours who worked at Ferdydurke wanted to see a more gender balanced Grime scene in Melbourne. She knew we loved our UK sounds so she asked us to run a monthly party. So we took on the opportunity to dedicate a jamboree that rinses endless amounts of Grime, Garage and Dancehall.

JADE: It was pretty cool to be approached to put something on. So it just kind of happened and it's been really fun!

What can we expect from a typical Top Girl party?

SAL: Our friends in tracksuits paired with dope sneakers winin’, bumpin’, grindin’, moshing and having a fun yet intimate hang out! You’ll probably catch Jade and myself taking film photos of our handsome homies, then Jade going on a dumpling run at some given point and me ducking out to buy cigarettes.

JADE: And lots of Espresso Martinis and Craig David.

In what aspect would you say your style of music differs from each other?

SAL: I like to play a handful of genres with a Hip-Hop/RnB root inspiration which may be heard in an edit/remix/refix/bootleg, paired with a handful of club genres from Bass to Vogue and Ballroom House and Jersey. I like to keep my set energetic and reel in listeners with a recognisable sample or vocal, to a track that they might’ve never heard of before. 

JADE: I guess we are into similar sounds, it would just come down to those sneaky remixes we find on our own. I like to play lots of different genres, Rap, RnB, Dancehall, Jersey, Grime, super slow jams. I first started listening to old school Rap and RnB in High School. From Tupac, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Biggie, Lil Kim to Toni Braxton, Aaliyah and TLC to name a few, so my fave sound is definitely RnB and Rap with Dancehall a close second. In saying that I play a lot of club gigs so am happy to take my set where the crowd wants to go.

Is it ever ok to come up to you to request a track?

SAL: If it’s reasonable and delivered with manners then I don't see why not. But I don’t get requests often, which can be a good sign! 

JADE: If you're polite about it, then sure it doesn't hurt to ask – but its not a guarantee that it will get played. Most of the time DJs know what they are doing, its their job to read the crowd, so chances are they're going to play a song you like anyway. Just don't be rude, being rude will get you nowhere! 

Current most requested track?

JADE: Wild Thoughts

Did you play it?!

JADE: If I'm on an early warm up set then no, got to save those current bangers for the next DJ. Otherwise, if I'm on the late set 100% playing as much Riri as possible!

Favourite hype track?

SAL: At the moment my favourite hype track is Putaria Maxima’s edit of Skepta’s 2016 hit ‘Man’. It’s an absolute wine-able heater!

JADE: I am obsessed with Steflon Don! This has been my fave track for a while now.

Favourite slow jam?

SAL: It has been Sinjin Hawke’s remix of ‘Party Girls’ by Ludacris, Jeremih, Cashmere Cat & Wiz Khalifa for a few years now. Catch me cuddling a friend at kick ons to this.

JADE: Oooh this is sooo hard!! I love slow jams! One of my all time faves would have to be Aaliyah – One in a million. I've also fallen in love again with Miguel – Adorn. I'm a sucker for emotional bangers. 

Track that’s on highest rotation, right now or ever?

SAL: Shlohmo’s album ‘Bad Vibes’ is my most played album EVER as it helps me relax and sleep.

JADE: Vince Staples- Big Fish. That single is so good and basically the whole album to be honest. It’s all I've been listening to since it dropped! 

Hopefully there’s another Top Girl party in the works, any plans?

SAL & JADE: September TBA 

When not DJing and turning up parties, where could we catch you?

SAL: Napping on the couch, at Yum Cha or having a late congee with Jade at Supper Inn!

JADE: If I'm not having that late night Congee with Sal, I'm making videos for Complex AU, at Uni, eating pho or hanging with my dog.

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Photos: Sole Finess

Jade Zoe & Sal are wearing Adidas Climacool, Converse One Star and Puma Fur Accessories