Le Tans


by Murata PJs

Spending formative years sailing around the world on a boat is only one of the many singularities that posses the charismatic Melbourne based photographer Sara Tansy.

With a modelling career peaking at a young age, alongside features in every glossy publication you could ever imagine, for most girls this is where the dream ends, but instead Sara has shifted her focus using the understandings of her past life as a fuel for the creation of masterpieces behind the lens.

Sara's captivating allure and provocatively magnetic style is already distinguishable in it's own right, it's quite difficult to believe that talent like this is produced by someone who proclaims to be self taught. 

With works published in Sticks and Stones, Fashion Journal, The Age and not to mention collaborations with us here at Sole Finess, the recognition of Sara's work is spreading like wildfire, and believe us when we say, that she's only just getting started.

Sara Tansy

Tell us about your photographic journey?

I’d always been interested in photography while modelling, but figured it was a dream career, out of my reach. That changed one night several years ago, when I saw a gorgeous guy in a bar and gave him my number... Long story short, he was a photographer, encouraged and inspired me to follow my dream and is still a dear friend and mentor to this day.

How would you best describe your style?

Thought provoking, seductive, cinematic.

Where do you find you draw your inspiration from?

The current state of my emotions, skin, light, shadows, symmetry, reflections, fleeting moments in daily life.

What would you say are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in the world of Photography?

Being a Honey in a male dominated field. Realising that you have to trust your instincts, rather than try to please everyone.

First thing I do when I wake up is…

Put music on, or i’ll go back to sleep till 12.

My work wardrobe consists of…

Jeans and kicks.

People assume that my job is like…

Competitive, complicated.

What my job is like IRL…

The best job in the world.

My day would be much easier if…

I didn’t have to do adult admin type stuff.

I wish I had spent more time…

Putting sunscreen on.

I wish I had spent less time…

Dating idiots.

My perfect date would be… 

A road trip in summer with lots of photo ops along the way.

And if they really wanted to impress me, they would…

Play great music, bring a bottle of Henessey, and surprise me by having a beach house booked for the weekend.

My proudest moment is…

Shooting Paradise Festival every year, that place is magical, especially when I’m shooting onstage, looking out into the crowd going wild.

In a zombie apocalypse I would take…

A super cute guy and sail off into the sunset. Zombies cant swim.

And escape to my dream retreat in…

Anywhere in Mexico.

If there were no limitations I would shoot…

All the festivals, all year round. A girl needs her beauty sleep though.

If I weren’t behind the lens I would be…

In front of it, or creative directing.

Lastly, no one knows that I…

Have a serious addiction to 90’s Hip Hop.

Sara Tansy Reebok CL5
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