STYLE | Adidas Superstar Black/White/Black Review

STYLE | Adidas Superstar Black/White/Black Review

by Sole Finess

Adidas Superstar Black/White/Black

With the dominance of Adidas in the sneaker space with fresh releases time and time again such as the NMD's and Yeezy's, it's easy to forget the classics that brought the German giants to the top of the chain.

The Adidas Superstar is one of the most well-known and adored Adidas releases ever and it's easy to see why; the original design has not changed a lot and Adidas have been improving it every year with newer materials.

Initially introduced as an entry-level basketball shoe, the Adidas Superstar has continued to be in production (and fashion) for over 45 years. In that time, it has appeared in numerous designs – as collaborations, as a fashion statement and of course as a skate shoe, thanks to its popularity in the 90's skate scene.

In our review today, we'll be looking into the why the Adidas Superstar is still at the top of it's game. 


Adidas Superstar Black/White/Black

When it comes the overall aesthetic of the shoe, two things come to mind: a classic and clean design. That's pretty much the idea behind the Superstar really; there's no reason to drastically change the design to meet today's standards because it's still selling so well. Adidas' stance on releasing the Superstars every year confirms that statement.

The Superstar comes in plenty of shades and finishes but the white and black version that we have for review today are one of the most popular. 


Adidas Superstar Black/White/Black

As far as the Superstar is concerned, comfort is something that Adidas did not skimp out on in their shoes.

The leather uppers are soft enough to wear in straight away and are great for walking and casual jogs although we did mention that the Superstar was originally designed as a basketball shoe - Adidas had decided to transition the Superstar into a more casual shoe; so, doing intense activities in these is not the best application of these shoes. It can be used a makeshift sports shoe, though, if you really need one.


Adidas Superstar Black/White/Black

As the Superstar was originally designed as a men's shoe, these Superstars come in men's US sizing which technically is one size down for women, for example a men's US8 is a women's US7.

Technicalities aside, we have found that women actually need to go two sizes down in the Superstars for example a men's US8 is more like a true women's US6, which is the conversion you should use when purchasing any unisex Superstars. Otherwise you can can just go by your true Superstar size if you have purchased them in the past.

We have included a size guide for your convenience over at our product page if you'd like to get an indicator of conversions.


The most impressive part of these sneakers is, without doubt, the durability. While other shoes experience wear and tear after some time, the Superstar does not have that same issue as they are made out the finest-quality grain leather. 


To sum it up, the Superstar is a great choice if you want a shoe that looks good, and fits well for every occasion and outfit - it's social media popularity speaks the truth!

Pricing: $129.95AUD. The Adidas Superstar Black/White/Black is available now at Sole Finess.

Update: This item is sold out but you can shop our similar adidas styles here!