FINESS HONEYS | Martina Martian

FINESS HONEYS | Martina Martian

by Murata PJs

The 90’s streetwear inspired palette that is no doubt recognisable everywhere on social media right now. Step into your nostalgia heaven and say hello to our honey Martina Martian, the Sydney based designer & illustrator you need to get to know.
Martina Martian by Gianna Hayes
You have worked on some amazing projects, what would you say has been your favourite collab so far?
My favourite so far has been with a Polish brand called Local Heroes. I designed a bunch of stickers that explored girl power, so it was super rewarding to design something that I'm passionate about!



We love your girl power mentality, tell us what this means to you?

Girl power to me is about believing in girls, despite whatever society tells us. It's about refusing to see other girls as competition, helping every sister out and reaching your full potential. Growing up, we are encouraged to judge other girls and compete with them, but I think we all (myself included) could use a bit more love and support for each other. 

If you could work on the ultimate dream collab, who would it be with and why?

adidas Originals or Puma, that's the dream! I think both brands are expanding from sportswear into more creative and funky streetwear products, and that's mostly due to their inspired collaborations with Pharrell, Fenty, Palace etc. Creative collaborations are the way forward for sportswear brands, hopefully one day I can be part of that! 

Who are some of the ladies you respect and aspire to?

I have huge respect for Whitney Bell (kidd.bell) and Susanna Rose Sykes (cybercrybb). Both are female creatives whose values I try to learn from every day.

Let’s talk sneakers, your work features many of our favourite silhouettes; tell us what influences you to use these in your designs?

It's no secret that I love street fashion from the 80's and 90's, and one day I did lots of research and realised literally every sneaker I love was originally designed during that era. A lot of sneakers are designed by men, for men, so I really enjoy drawing them with a feminine twist.

Saucony Jazz Sneaker illustration by Martina Martian

Can you remember what your first pair was?

Converse high tops!

… And of course you have to tell us about your favourite sneaker of all time!?

Ahh that's too hard! At the moment I love the Fenty creepers. It feels good to wear a pair of sneakers designed by a woman, especially for women. Also with their big platform, they aren't even pretending to be sportswear; they're pure fashion.

If you could travel back in time and give young Martina some advice on starting out in the game, what would it be?

I'd tell her to keep drawing every day and not take everything too seriously! 

So who should we be following on Instagram right now?

larrieeee ! She has the best style.

And tell us about your favourite places in Sydney to…

Eat: Bar Luca (Best burgers in Sydney!)
Shop: Storeroom Vintage
Chill: My University student lounge (there's free tea and wifi!)

Nike Pegasus Sneaker illustration by Martina Martian
 Photography: Gianna Hayes