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Hansika is a dynamic fashion designer whose journey in the industry is both inspiring and diverse. Starting from a young age, her passion led her to study at RMIT, where she discovered the complexities and beauty of turning ideas into garments through designing, pattern making, and sewing.

Co-founding the brand docGIRL with her brother, Hansika has blended traditional and experimental design elements, with her deep understanding of the fashion process allowing her to create truly unique pieces. Recently, she's expanded their craft into crocheting, eager to see how this new skill will enhance their work.

Embodying creativity, resilience, and empowerment in the fashion industry, Hansika sees fashion as a powerful tool to challenge societal norms and promote self-expression. 

Your journey into fashion seems quite dynamic and multifaceted with skills in designing, pattern making, sewing, and styling. How did you discover your passion for these different aspects of fashion, and how do they complement each other in your work?

Thank you! Since I was young, I've been passionate about fashion design. When I turned 18, I knew I wanted to pursue it seriously. In my family, education was a priority, so I decided to study fashion design at RMIT. 

At university, I quickly realised that fashion design is way more than just designs. It's a whole process from coming up with ideas to actually making the garment. I got to learn hands-on about pattern making, choosing fabrics, and sewing. Seeing how everything fits together made me appreciate the complexity of creating clothes.

The best part was seeing my ideas turn into actual clothes. Whether it was getting the pattern just right or sewing everything together perfectly, each step felt essential to making something unique.

Overall, It taught me to respect every part of the fashion design process, from the initial sketches to the final touches. 

I applied my knowledge to create and refine my own designs, collaborating with incredibly talented individuals. Alongside my brother, we curated our brand docGIRL, which blends traditional design with experimental concepts, pushing the boundaries of femme fashion while exploring nostalgic elements. In our first docGIRL collection, I utilised my knowledge in patternmaking and sewing to create a range of skirts; without these skills, the execution would have been fundamentally different.

Now, I've expanded my design knowledge further by venturing into crocheting, exploring new avenues to enhance and expand my craft. I'm excited to see how this expansion will contribute to the development of my work.

How does working alongside your brother influence your creative process, and what challenges or benefits have you experienced in this familial partnership?

Working alongside my brother has had a significant impact on my creative process. He constantly challenges me to improve and strive for excellence, always setting a high standard in my life. Our shared interest in design has deepened our bond, making him not only my business partner but also my mentor and brother.

I admire his drive, discipline, strong work ethic, passion, and unwavering determination. His ability to never give up has set a high standard for me. He strives to bring out the best in me every day, never doubting my abilities and always believing in my potential.

Working together has been so rewarding. I've gained valuable experiences, learned a lot, and grown both personally and professionally, all thanks to his guidance and support.

As an advocate for female empowerment, how do you see the role of fashion in challenging societal norms and promoting positive change, particularly in the realm of beauty standards and self-expression?

I love that we get to challenge social norms because it's so important to encourage and uplift all women. Breaking down these barriers is crucial since they often restrict us to see beyond the social norms. We need to help each other freely express ourselves and love ourselves.

As women, having inner confidence is powerful, but it can be tough to maintain. That's why we need to support and empower each other to love ourselves because true beauty lies in being uniquely you. 

In such a competitive industry, what advice would you give to aspiring designers who are just starting out and looking to make their mark?

Do what you love and stay focused on your vision and creations. Be intentional - set goals, make a plan, and stay determined. Aim to get better every day by learning and growing. Don't be afraid to ask questions and keep seeking knowledge.

Talent: @hansikag
Creative Director & Photography: @ouibutterup
Hansika wears the adidas Japan in Off White/Spark from Finesse